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Forest of Illusion
Today we have released some previously unseen Sega Mega Drive, MegaCD and Saturn developer documentation, technical bulletins and specifications. Special thanks to for donating these files to us for a release.
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SUDDENデス May 8
So the Super Mega Drive was Sega's official development hardware, or something else... ?
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Shane Battye 🎮 May 8
It’s development hardware
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Brett May 9
Does this help with your work on the Saturn?
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Professor Abrasive May 9
Thanks for the heads up, that's very considerate of you! Nothing here for me, but thanks for checking :-)
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I May 8
The Saturn CD doc is pure gold. It will certainly help with accessing the CD drive without Sega's library
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Samuel Schultz 🌵 May 8
Aaron 😍
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Aaron C May 8
Sam 😉
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