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Rene Ritchie Feb 6
I expect we’ll get more SiriKit domains for HomePod as Apple builds them out in audio/verbose only mode (no screen to fall back on for some tasks.) Been hit or miss for me on support. Unlocking doors sometimes redirects to iPhone/iPad, sometimes tells me HomePod can’t do it.
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Seán Labastille
I’m sure you’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but Siri’s different skill levels and split personalities between Mac/iPhone/Watch/TV/HomePod seems to cause a lot of needless friction rather than the delight of being able to avail of the same abilities everywhere.
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Will Spaetzel Feb 8
Replying to @flufffel @reneritchie
Don't forget to add CarPlay to the mix. So many simple Siri requests get "Sorry, I can't do that in the car"
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