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We exist to help you have more meaningful, lasting human interactions | is a platform for organizing remote events.
Tweets May 4
Our first live alpha test! 🚀 Give us all the feedback: 👂
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Replying to @din__mon
We haven't officially announced yet, rest assured that we will inform you when we have set a date!
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This will be our first multi-presenter event! 🎊 So excited!
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Eric Apr 19
Replying to @flawkcommunity
Here is the link if anyone wants to join! Using early alpha!
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Mat Dupont Apr 15
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It was our first live go! So much thanks to for giving the first presentation ❤️
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Eric Apr 15
I found something out today that will impact my alpha of 😭 I am going too need 1000 followers on this youtube channel so I can give this product a real chance. Can anyone help? A follow would mean a lot! RT's appreciated ❤️
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We are entering alpha! 👏🎊🔥 If you are interested you can checkout our page and join the alpha team today!
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Eric Feb 9
I am working on a guide to start and grow a local meetup community! Really excited about it! Hoping to release it with the first version of ! Also should use it to start growing the 🥳
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Working on the first part of our presenter application! It is coming along well 🔜🚀
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Eric Feb 8
Working on some awesome stuff for while I am contemplating the designs! I am getting even closer to adding some value to peoples lives! 🚀 Give a follow for more updates!
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Eric Jan 22
Planing on streaming some tonight at 9PM EST Going to add a Waitlist to the app, and figure out what emails need to be sent. Also wondering if maybe I could open up a live share 🤔 Would love to see you on the stream!
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Eric Jan 12
Getting close to giving access to for some initial feedback! Things to round off our initial closed alpha version: 👋Profile page 💌More auto emails (skipping the html in the emails right now) 📝Better and more meaningful copy
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Eric Dec 2
Did some auth for today, and it FELT GOOD! 🚀 On to some core app functionality!
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Eric Oct 31
Looking at a good way to communicate with people interested in and its development without having to sign up for early access. Thinking about doing a recurring newsletter using I don't want to be yet another newsletter. Thoughts? 💬 /1
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Eric Oct 31
Whipped up a little post on ! What part of conferences/meetups is most important to you? Give my all your opinions! I would also take some responses on what is terrible about them 😂
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Eric Oct 25
Having some fun with ! It is coming together!
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Replying to @fragileglass @zealigan
Thank you Derek!
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Eric Oct 21
Getting closer on the first release of ! I am really happy with how this is turning out 🤗
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We have a new website 🎉 Also, you can vote on which features you want to see first!
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