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Evan Blass
Sony Sirius (2014 flagship) tipped for MWC debut: 5.2-inch display, MSM8974AB SoC, and a home on Verizon in the US.
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ɟɟıuɐɯɐı 🇲🇾 7 Jan 14
Higher binned S800
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Melvin Tan 7 Jan 14
winter music conference?
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Scott 7 Jan 14
And with normal Sony sized bezels, it'll be 7-8 inches. No thanks.
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wil hermes 7 Jan 14
why not, in case of smaller bezels ;)
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Edoardo Maggio 7 Jan 14
I'm seriously afraid of the bezel. RT : Sony Sirius (2014 flagship) tipped for MWC debut: 5.2-inch display and MSM8974AB SoC.
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ᴢᴏᴅᴀʟɪᴏs 9 Jan 14
Thanks for the awesome leak
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Asif Iqbal Shaik 13 Jan 14
Sadly no Snapdragon 805. I hope they reduce the bezel and use an IPS display.
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Hussain Al-Khalaf 13 Jan 14
@jec7833 No chance for 805, it's not ready yet. expect devices with this SoC from May. unless they have exclusive deal with them...
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