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Escrowffrr is a Digital Payments Platform. Pay Safe with Escrow. Moving your Money Faster, Smarter & Safer
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Congratulations 👏👏
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Use digital escrow account for your transactions and secure your down payment. Become escrow ready for just ₹99
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Escrowffrr - Your secure digital escrow account. Seamless technology helping you move your funds smarter, faster and safer
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Choose to secure your down payment. We offer you Digital Escrow Account powered by leading Banks.
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This valentines, pay safe with an escrow account
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Nexus Feb 13
Nexus start-up won the prestigious Technoviti Innovation award for its unique proposition of democratizing the use and adoption of digital escrows in the payments ecosystem. They were selected from a pool of over 500 applicants!
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Let’s fall in love with our home this Valentines ❤️ helps you move your money smarter, faster and safer through a digital escrow account
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Trustmore Technologies wins prestigious Technoviti innovation award for 2020. We thank you all !
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Deal only with verified users. We digitally verify KYC before every transaction. Be for just ₹99 and secure your funds.
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On “Promise day” today, we pledge to move your funds Smarter, Faster and Safer. Use our Digital Escrow account for your transactions.
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Escrow ready - The first step to your transaction protection. Secure your down payment.
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Protect your down payment in your deal. Escrowffrr digital escrow account helps you move your funds smarter, faster and safer
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Resale property buying is a big hassle but not with Escrowffrr! With you get: Verification of all sides Smart Agreement Secure down payment in escrow Seamless movement of funds
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Realty Plus Feb 6
Heartiest Congratulations To Our Esteemed Winner of the 2nd Realty+ Prop-Tech Excellence Awards 2020 PropTech Construction Award of the Year - Sobha Limited    
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Looking for Digital Escrow account ? Look no further. provides you a neutral third party secure account in minutes. Backed by leading banks, transact safer, faster and smarter.
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Pay safe only through an escrow account. Secure your down payment by parking funds in Escrowffrr Digital Escrow Account.
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Did you know ? 🧑‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ 66% India’s court cases relate to contracts. Now secure your deposit in our escrow account.
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Grant Thornton in India Jan 30
Download the latest International Business Report 2020 that captures the findings from business leaders in India and their outlook for the next 12 months.
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