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Erik Brynjolfsson
Fascinating paper by Rebecca Diamond and co-authors finds that immigrants account for up to 30% of innovation and United States, as measured by patents. Far disproportionate to their numbers in the population.
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Avinash Collis 21 Feb 19
Replying to @erikbryn
Excellent paper. The data source (Infutor) they used is scary. Has exact addresses of 160 million US residents and also 5 digits of SSN 😯
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Erik Brynjolfsson 21 Feb 19
Replying to @avi_collis
yep. Amazing.
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Ed Dowding 22 Feb 19
It's actually 100% though, isn't it?
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Failed Lyndon LaRouchite 21 Feb 19
Replying to @erikbryn @ramez
I, personally, have 8 or 9 patents (lost count) I can tell you , there are patents, and then there are patents some are superb, some are just filler
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