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satyendra singh
I have HTJ5550K 5.1 home theatre system. All of the sudden it stopped working and looks like it is in 3 seconds loop. Where it tries to read something from the disc even if there is nothing present and keeps repeating itself. I saw many people reported same thing.
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satyendra singh Jul 2
Can you please help here to get some traction? Samsung has bricked lots of Bluray players around the world for which they started repairing in the US but no solution in India. Please check this post.
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Samsung India Jun 19
Replying to @enggsatya
Thank you for writing. We request you to get in touch with our Chat support by visiting and the team will be happy to help.
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satyendra singh Jun 23
Replying to @SamsungIndia
Hi, 4304449183 service request number I received on Saturday for engineer visit but nobody visited till now. Can you please update by when it is going to happen?
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Aravind Tyson Jul 7
Same here. They have told me as board problem. This is not fair. It is a software issue not sure why they are saying like this
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satyendra singh Jul 8
Sad to here that. But I think they are not fixing this in India. They don't even recognise this problem as software problem.
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satyendra singh Jul 17
Replying to @nch14404 @SamsungIndia
I have raised below grievance for the problem mentioned in the tweet. Your Grievance has been successfully lodged and your docket number 2119312 To know the status of Grievance visit .
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Kavish Khandelwal Jun 28
Most importantly everyone in india getting similar reply that you are the only case. And they as a company don't have much clarity. Then I think we should join the team because we can atleast Google it and can see how is the situation globally while their own team unable to do so
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satyendra singh Jun 29
Replying to @KavishKh @SamsungIndia
I have added lots of comments in the community but nobody is replying. I received a call saying that the part which is being used to repair it in US cannot be used to repair it in India as it is manufactured region vise. Didn't quite get the point here though.
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