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Emily Lawler
JUST IN: & pen a letter to the Board of State Canvassers asking them not to certify Michigan’s election results at Monday’s meeting. Instead, they ask them to adjourn for 14 days & audit Wayne County results first.
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Sarah R. Baughman Nov 21
Why do they keep asking for this when they know that according to MI state law, an audit can't happen until after certification?
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🖤Carly Lehwald Nov 21
I’m not certain but i believe if certification goes too long then legislature can make their own determination and assign electors. Basically have to ignore the safeguards to get what they want. It’s called a coup!
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Diana Prince Hussein Nov 21
Wait what's up with the formatting
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Emily Lawler Nov 21
More of me being terrible at pics vs. PDFs, unfortunately. Putting “figure out scribd” on my New Year’s Resolution list.
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“Celia” Nov 21
I am truly shocked, Emily. SHOCKED.
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Quincy Shaw Nov 21
Me too. Could've knocked me over with a feather...and I weigh 300 pounds.
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Kenneth Dreesen Nov 21
They have to certify. It is almost a formality.
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Joe Carlin Nov 21
It’s also the law. If they want to stop it they need a court order.
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Tetsuo's regrown arm Nov 21
I'm so sick of this.
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Eric Peterson Nov 21
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