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André Staltz 25 Feb 18
If SpaceX's Starlink will provide internet access, obviously it will also provide a single IPv6 network, and could be a great opportunity for NAT-less peer-to-peer connections within Starlink only. I hope chooses wisely.
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Elon Musk
Will be simpler than IPv6 and have tiny packet overhead. Definitely peer-to-peer.
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Evgeny Chereshnev 25 Feb 18
Replying to @elonmusk @andrestaltz
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Elon Musk 25 Feb 18
Replying to @cheresh @andrestaltz
End-to-end encryption encoded at firmware level. Unlikely to be hacked w current computing tech. If it is (and we learn about it), a crypto fix will go out immediately via network-wide firmware update.
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