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Julián Castro Nov 10
I was asked today in Iowa about the order of our primaries. I appreciate how seriously Iowa & New Hampshire take their role as first-in-the-nation. But we’ve changed in the 50 years since order was established—and I believe it’s time our primaries reflect our nation’s diversity.
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Ellen McDonald
I live in Iowa and have felt extremely lucky to have access to candidates. Even so, I agree with you 100%.
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JJ in NH Nov 10
NH voter here. I too agree. It’s time to change things up.
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michele collins Nov 11
I live in TN & have never seen a D candidate for president in a small venue, like a town hall, my entire life.
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Ellen McDonald Nov 11
Replying to @JulianCastro
Saw Jimmy Carter decades ago, spoke of term limits. POTUS should be just one 6 yr term, not a single day would be spent campaigning while in office. Sounds pretty good right now.
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Linda Lee Peacock Nov 11
Thank you.
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Grow the Pie - Resist Socialism Nov 11
Ok Boomer
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Rumple Stiltskin Nov 11
So you like having your picture taken with a two time loser.
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