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This is a really important essay. We know passive reading doesn’t work when it comes to learning; this piece takes that idea and pushes it to its logical extreme: that books, as a medium, are not built for human learning.
Designing media to reflect how people think and learn
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Martin Brochhaus May 11
Replying to @ejames_c
I had to think about A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer from the book Diamond Age when I read this. Great and very true essay!
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StevanPopo Jun 1
Replying to @ejames_c @commoncog
Just read this essay. Important topic. I know you’ve written extensively on about reading. Have you shared any of the specific methods you implement to aid retention/understanding? Any you’d consider quick wins?
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Ced Jun 1
Replying to @StevanPopo @commoncog
Wow, I realise I haven’t written about this on the blog. (I did explain how I write my summaries here but that doesn’t cover retention). I’ll put that on my todo.
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StevanPopo Jun 2
Replying to @ejames_c @commoncog
Would love to read it when you get around to it 👍🏽
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