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Eileen Iorio May 1
Ireland - keeps adding more and more to an already crowded schedule - now the most vaccinated in the world. No safety testing. No compensation program. No accountability.
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Donal Deeney May 1
Is that a live vaccine or one that's packed with aluminum as an adjunct?
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Eileen Iorio
No. It contains FORMALDEHYDE, meningitis bacteria and diphtheria. But it doesn't protect against diphtheria (let that sink in). It's a polysaccharide vaccine. The combination of the polysaccharide and the bacteria causes the immune response. No tests with Menveo and .
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Eileen Iorio May 2
Replying to @jamesdeens @HSELive
This is the sparse leaflet from the with NO CT INFO And this from FDA: NO SAFETY STUDIES WITH HPV only concomitant studies in 500 girls? boys? No ages given either. "Acceptable" profile in Russia:
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