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Justin Ðrake 10 Dec 18
Clarification! Two *totally different* things are known as "Casper". Casper FFG is a simple "Finality Gadget" for Ethereum 2.0. Casper CBC is an abstract family of "Correct-By-Construction" consensus protocols explored as a candidate design space for the Ethereum 3.0 consensus.
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Andrew ⟠ 10 Dec 18
Replying to @drakefjustin
3.0?! We’re up to 3.0?!
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Justin Ðrake
Ethereum 3.0 is a set of ideas for beyond the foreseeable Ethereum 2.0 roadmap (phases 0, 1 and 2). I'd say it includes Casper CBC, super-quadratic sharding, data availability proofs, private leader election, STARKs (signature aggregation, witness compression, VDFs, state roots).
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Je-Meng 11 Dec 18
I wonder about the psychological impact of the community paying attention to research. The work is truly amazing, but those outside research can overindulge. Causes paralysis or complacency? An open source Osborne Effect.
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jonny rhea 11 Dec 18
Good point....let's research that too!
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