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Don "Big Chooch" Moynihan
The USPS had a plan to send 5 reusable facemarks to every household in early April. Even had a press release ready. The White House blocked the plan. “There was concern...that households receiving masks might create concern or panic."
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Don "Big Chooch" Moynihan Sep 17
Replying to @donmoyn
*facemasks. Thanks autocorrect. Imagine the health message it would have sent if the federal government sent every household a facemask. Unbelievable that this simple direct form of federal help was possible, but blocked by the White House.
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Don "Big Chooch" Moynihan Sep 18
While I'm trying to set up my soundcloud, please consider following the journalists who broke this story: and and maybe subscribing to a newspaper. This story illustrates how important their role is right now.
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Sergeant Pup Sep 17
Replying to @donmoyn @charles_gaba
But it was already here and everybody already knew in April. That's not a legit excuse. He did it because he wanted the "churches packed for Easter".
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Brendan Sep 17
“That’s not a legit excuse” should likely be added to Trump’s presidential seal.
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Bgrngod Sep 17
Replying to @TRAV15TY_ @donmoyn
But if you were drowning, you might not be panicking! MAybe? Sure, why not. When you do die from drowning, be sure not to tell anyone the water did it. It was definitely antifa.
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Stefan The Adequate Sep 17
Replying to @donmoyn @charles_gaba
<receives 5 masks in mail> <screams, jumps off nearest cliff>
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Sondra Watkins Sep 17
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Ocie Mitchell Sep 17
Replying to @MilesGrant @donmoyn
He probably would have delayed the masks so his signature could be printed on each one.
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