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I have no idea what I'm doing but I know I'm doing it really, really well.
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The 'new-low-coming-boys' are starting to sound like the 'moon-boys' used to sound when we were full on bear market. Stuck in denial phase. Can we make new lows? Nothing is impossible. Is it likely? hell no. Like says, learn to flip or flip burgers πŸ™ƒ
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Try Trump Trade of 2019 - BTC Korean Won, Crypto as Safe Haven in SE Asia via
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Someone shared this on out Telegram group. The new Israel soccer team uniform. I'm not into soccer but thought it was pretty cool πŸ˜πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
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Replying to @exodus_io @oAdamKo
Is that fee 100% to miners or exodus takes a cut? If its 100% to miners, which is what I think it is, I dont think its acceptable to set max priority as mandatory amount. If exodus takes a cut (I dont think is the case) but i'd understand as a business model. Hope im making sense
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Copyright(dot)gov official press release below. is still not satoshi, but hey at least he's getting some attention which was always his main goal.
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Replying to @GirlsandBTC @exodus_io
I think exodus use segwit. but yeah this is why Im asking them to adjust the fee. Im ok paying for priority & not have to use a wallet exclusive for BTC, just not maximum priority. But at the end of the day the problem is the 1mb cap... 2mb wasnt the end of the world...
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Replying to @exodus_io
I'd prefer manual fees but I get that exodus tries to be super simple UI & I also appreciate that, so yeah, lowering fees a little would be better than the current super high fees if the manual option is not there... thanks
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I pay salaries to my devs in BTC. When it's pay I cant be waiting for lower fees. I'll just have to charge more for my services to people who wants to pay with BTC & normal price for other coins. I want to remove the BTC option but unfortunately most people still pay with BTC..
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I think he was talking about BTC core devs not exodus... I could be wrong...
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Replying to @exodus_io
I think fee should be lower... I also prefer to pay for priority but not the maximum priority if you know what i mean... Thanks
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I will just have to rise the prices of my products & services for people who want to pay with & leave normal prices for those who pay with other cryptos... This is insane...
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$63 fee to send 0.2 . please adjust the automatic fee or make it manual. I understand you guys put user experience (speed) over price, but this price def makes it NOT a good user experience.. I use BTC in a regular basis, will need to use a different wallet..
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New Video is up! & general price talk at the beach :)
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Fake news + pump & dump all done by the same person. Guys, so long as is the only person willing to pump this, it won't last... Full retrace back to reality in the coming weeks...
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lol he's been trying to take control of a decentralized system for years now. Failed every time, but he keeps trying... I admire his ability of not give up, I have to give him that πŸ˜†
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I think Its possible to go to 12k then crash 40% to around 7k. If thats the case, thats the dip Id like to buy. Esp alts. This said, even if we break up from here, I still expect prices to be lower than today eventually after the next big correction. Def not buying today.
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Replying to @marCk_0317
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total market cap has gone above all moving averages on the weekly timeframe & made them support, just wow. Next big target now is 300b. What do you think? can we make it there before a pull back?
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Tyler Winklevoss May 20
Moore's Law says that processor speeds double about every two years. This law carries over to most metrics in the field of computing, including bandwidth, storage, etc. Does anyone really think that blockchain scalability won't also improve exponentially in the coming years?
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