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David Lewicki
I was 's pastor for 5 years . I assure you, he had the "option" to come to Bible study. He never "opted" in. Nor did he ever actually enter the church doors. Not one time.
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David Lewicki 29 Jan 19
Replying to @dlewicki
"Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing." -Edmund Burke
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David Lewicki 19 Feb 19
Replying to @MarthaWharton3
Thx for replying Martha. I hold pastoral privilege in the highest regard. But I don’t believe that the faith of a public figure is only “between him and God.” If he invokes his faith in the act of leadership or uses it to justify policy, he opens himself to correction or rebuke.
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Danny  Rushing 1 Feb 19
Love the message hate the messenger. Ok. So pastor do you agree or not. At least Applaud him for a positive step while you snipe him
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David Lewicki 1 Feb 19
No, sir, I don't think prayer in schools is a positive step. I don't trust my kids' schools with religion. Math, history, science, art, music, philosophy, literature, economics. Not God. Read
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Dr P-M is wearing a mask 1 Feb 19
Nicely done David!
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David Lewicki 1 Feb 19
Replying to @emilypm10
Cray. Z.
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David Lewicki 14 Feb 19
Replying to @TJSaundersMAGA
Point taken, TJ. Thank you. Do you personally think there are ever circumstances in which a pastor (or any Christian) can respond to another Christian and say, “your behavior seems to me to be inconsistent with our faith?”
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