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Rod Breslau 6 Sep 12
So Riot calls this a big misunderstanding. Didn't seem to be one to Dignitas, EG or Complexity. No admission this was the policy beforehand.
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Michael O'Dell
why do you keep mentioning us? As I told you yesterday we heard a rumour also asked RIOT and they said to us we can get other MOBAs
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Rich 6 Sep 12
was the "rumour" not announced on readyuptv?! which is ran by dignitas?! so that puts you directly involved? no?
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Lapo Raspanti 6 Sep 12
rumor train OP
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GENOCIDEGeorge 6 Sep 12
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Lemon 7 Sep 12
gj trying to get some brownie points with Riot. i'd expect something like this from other managers, but not you.
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