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Embedded SRAM confirmed, meaning the system RAM is almost certainly DDR3.
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Brendan Shanks 21 May 13
The Engadget video about MS silicon labs also mentions the SRAM
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Victor Ainsworth 21 May 13
is DDR3 according to OXM feature
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Antonio Khazdozian 21 May 13
How does that compare to the PS4's GDDR5? or can we expect a DF comparison article? :)
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ArslanšŸ¦ 21 May 13
If its ddr ram..what are its cons? Given it has three OS running..wont this eat up most of the ram resources? Lay gamer here
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Stuart Fotheringham 21 May 13
. How much of the 8GB DDR will be taken up by three OSes?
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Luke Bartley 21 May 13
Still the rumoured 32MB?
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