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José Díaz-Briseño
I love the NYT but despite what today’s story says, it was never a secret that Mexican Interior Minister had agreed to tougher measures at Mexico’s Southern border after her meeting w/then DHS Nielsen in March. She even said it on-the-record at the time CC &
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José Díaz-Briseño 9 Jun 19
Replying to @diazbriseno
Plus, the US/MX talks in Miami were never “secret talks”. In March, the Mexican Govt even put out a press release announcing them!
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FCarvajal 9 Jun 19
unfortunately we saw dis 'Trumptian' mentality expressed by ordinary Mexicans whn da 1st 'caravan' crossed, then when it arrived in Tijuana..saw it online & equally expressed by family members who regularly vote for PRI or's nt a Morena mentality only, unfortunately !!
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Laura Osinga 9 Jun 19
Exactly the point of their reporting. Trump spun the narrative and is taking credit for a "deal" that happened months ago.
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The Immigrant 🌎 9 Jun 19
Vapor deals happen all the time. It took Presidential action to get a signed agreement with a 90 day look back to make sure it is not just talk. Taking down the open borders cartels is now in play. 2 major players detained and face criminal charges.
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Victor - Social Distancing since the 70’s 9 Jun 19
Well that’s the problem... they said they would do more and never followed through. Where was the media in busting them for not following through? Where was congress?
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HICKORY 10 Jun 19
Where is the “Great negotiator”? I’m over the rule by EO.
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Will. 9 Jun 19
El problema con las posiciones mexicanas es que el tlatoani es bipolar y toda la nomenklatura está sin voz. Todos dicen algo diferente y todos los días cambia su mensaje. El cagadero no tiene credibilidad.
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nef. 9 Jun 19
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Livin the dream 9 Jun 19
True. But we ALL know there is a diff. Between press realeases and ACTION!!!!! Trump is action. And only when he demanded action did they starting acting...
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