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Historian Tariq Ali, co-author of the book "In Defense of Julian Assange," says he recently spoke to the jailed founder about his case and whether there's hope of avoiding extradition to the U.S. “The only hope is a Corbyn government,” Ali says Assange told him.
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Terry Dec 2
America the new Russia. Sick. No free press, no right to protest, no democracy.
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Widow/Orphan Control Dec 2
By allowing himself to be used as a conduit for black psyops, he forfeits his credibility.
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Brennan Young Dec 2
Credibility? fine. But his human rights? Arbitrary detention? 24/7 surveillance? Psychoactive meds? Solitary confinement? Is this how you prefer to treat your political opponents?
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Sam Cosentino Dec 2
Bastards! Punishing the journalist who exposed crimes and corruption, rather than the criminals and corrupt politicians themselves
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minek_vagyok_itt Dec 2
what the actual Fs??? 🤣🤣🤣
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