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Han V 5h
You know you live in North Wales when someone mentions the word Beluga and you think of a plane and not the whale..
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Replying to @NPASHawarden
NPAS 'file pic' before anyone asks :-)
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Good evening to our local police helicopter (and crew) who've been doing a few circuits above Deeside Ind Estate - all in order and now back to base..
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This .... only joking it’s the Hawarden based Husky - lovely plane
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Merseyrail 10h
We have announced two changes to the original rail service timetable issued for the Giants event. Press release here: All updated timetables here:
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Fatal collision on the A540, Chester High Road near Neston last night - Police are appealing info / dashcam footage -
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Larns 13h
Looking for a GCSE maths tutor for year 9 pupil. Ideally Tuesday evenings 6:30pm or 7pm. Chester/Flintshire area. Will travel or pay mileage to our home. DBS check required.
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Another road where the Welsh Government wants to put average speed cameras to enforce a pollution reducing 50mph speed limit is the A483 Wrexham bypass
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May have been a chilly start to the day but it’s a stunning morning in Wepre Park...
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Paul Langton 14h
Replying to @DeesideDotCom
There is no chance the new skips will be finished by Sunday.
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Connah’s Quay and Flint tips to close this Sunday as council gets set to open new Oakenholt recycling centre
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Replying to @wrexham @rokushakubo
Deeside Council (abolished 1996) got slammed after posting our A494 ave speed cam article ..
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Roger Morris 15h
Lovely sunrise this morning ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Chris Evans 16h
Replying to @DeesideDotCom
I use that route to & from work for day shifts & night shifts..... people just don’t follow the ‘New’ 50mph speed limit... I will be sat at 50mph and people will be doing anything between 50 & 80mph in lanes 2&3 with driving standards that are awful and dangerous
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Lesley Kenton 16h
beautiful sunset and moonrise last night.
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Assume you were doing 50mph? - Plenty overtaking at speed going as per norm - Average speed cameras on the A494 - Cash cow or genuine emissions reducing measure? - You can have your say >> [link to consulation at the bottom]
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NPAS Hawarden 17h
Good morning from the night shift. Well apparently it was a last night - it was also very very chilly. One of our cars is iced up (presently 2 degrees!!!)so if you can stay in bed longer - do it;) Night crew now off to bed Nos da! ^CRS
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Lisa Wroe 17h
Couldn't resist some more sunrise photos Flint castle and the Dee
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Morning - What a stunning sunrise! Chilly start again today Hawarden dipped to 1.7º (6am) - Dry day ahead with sunny spells. Top temp 17º .. Have a good un...
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Cheshire Police Sep 24
Several Road Closures currently in place due to an Collision at the junction of Chester High Road. Closures - A540 Two Mills towards Neston, also Damhead Lane, Mill Lane , and Hans Hall Lane. Please seek alternative routes.
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