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Dean Wallace 🗳🗽
“Leftists are attacking nominee Amy Coney Barrett for having a view of marriage entirely in keeping w/a proper reading of scripture.” There are folks on the right actually *leaning into* the idea of America going full Handmaid’s Tale. Disturbing.👇🏻
Leftists are attacking Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for having a view of marriage entirely in keeping with a proper reading of scripture.
The Federalist The Federalist @FDRLST
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Judith Welsh Oct 13
Not to mention how she brought her children to the supper spreader in the Rose Garden no masks no social distancing! If anyone else had endangered they’re children’s lives like she did social services would have taken them away!
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Dana Massey Oct 13
American Taliban
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Chloe Brooks Oct 13
Replying to @deanofdublin @1zzyzyx1
Submit to my husband with joy? All he did was cheat, and run around, when I kicked him out, he treated all his girlfriends the same way. Submit to that? Oh please
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Holly Hold Oct 13
Good God.
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Grey Witch *wear a damn mask!!* Oct 13
Handmaiden I will NEVER be
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Caustic the Clown Oct 13
*Not Pictured: Leaving GD scripture out of my life and the lives of Americans, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist, Wiccan, Agnostic, or Atheist. and are true American principles.
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Andrew Strunk Oct 13
When was the Bible written? We still have freedom of beliefs and religion in this free nation?
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