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Daniel Bilar
“glitch in the original [Python] script calls into q the conclusions of a significant number [100] of papers on a wide range of topics" Can be topped: MS Excel converts gene names (eg SEPT2) to dates (eg 2-SEP) & IEEE 754. 20% of genomics papers affected. Known since 2004.
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Perry E. Metzger Oct 13
Replying to @daniel_bilar
This sort of thing is common. See: And yet, researchers still basically refuse to provide sufficient information (including the software and configuration) for third parties to reproduce their work. Computer Science is even worse on that.
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Daniel Bilar Oct 13
Replying to @perrymetzger
I believe it is common, and I believe it is ignored and underdiscussed. AFAIK Verendel 2009 in comp sec is the only such meta study. I wrote 2015/2016
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