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Dan Abramov 2 Jun 19
🔮🧵 If you have a question about the future of React, ask it in this thread and I’ll try my best to answer! I can’t know the future but I have some idea of what we’re working on and why. No question is too simple!
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swyx 2 Jun 19
Replying to @dan_abramov
does some combination of React Native DOM/Web, React Fire, and React Flare point towards some possible future version of react-dom where we drop the HTML-like basic JSX components and just provide a smaller set that are more accessible/intuitive by default?
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Dan Abramov
Not in immediate feature. But finding ways to steer people towards accessible UIs by default is an active exploration with Flare. In shorter term insights will likely feed back into React Native. Maybe someday having a unified opt-in API for folks who prefer it would be nice.
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Giuseppe 3 Jun 19
Replying to @dan_abramov @swyx
How do you feel about React Native for Web anyway? Would you chose it over plain ReactDOM? Any reason why the new fb isn't built with it?
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