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Czech Games Edition
Thank you for a talk and a help with the announcing the digital Through the Ages release date. So, September 14th it is!
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Manuel Correia 17 Aug 17
Count me in!
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Ben Nicholson 17 Aug 17
So how do I get a time machine to go to September 14th?
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Brent Reed 17 Aug 17
Screenshot looks great! Looking forward to this digital version. IOS and Android?
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chris bullock 17 Aug 17
Will there be a codenames app too?
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Tom Boughton 17 Aug 17
Played a great game of TTA tonight. Super excited for this release now.
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Czech Games Edition 18 Aug 17
Yes, Dylan, it will be. Our digital team will get back to work on Codenames app after the Through the Ages release.
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rywi9 18 Aug 17
Cool, is there any plan on releasing it on Android?
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Gaming Unplugged 21 Aug 17
Exciting news! Is this just for ios initially? Do we have an android release date?
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Czech Games Edition 22 Aug 17
Replying to @iosboardgames
It's both, for iOS and Android: September 14th!
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Micha 23 Aug 17
Will this be a multilingual edition?
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Czech Games Edition 24 Aug 17
English, Czech, also, we are working on German edition.
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Cosmo 2 Sep 17
Looking forward to play some rounds...
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Patricia Woods 14 Sep 17
What happened to the shadows? They don’t seem to be in the new screens.
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iOS Board Games 14 Sep 17
Replying to @peadwoods @czechgames
CGE is on a strict shadow budget and they needed to save them all for the upcoming Codenames release.
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Stefan Turalski 29 Nov 17
Are you planning to ship French edition too?
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Czech Games Edition 29 Nov 17
As far as we know from our French parnters, it's not a plan right now, we are sorry.
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