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Bill Curry
NDP MP asks if she raised conflict concerns with PM: “Of course we have tough questions around the cabinet table," she said. "Yes these questions were posed.”
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Darrrrn Jul 16
I don’t believe that answer
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JKap Jul 16
So wait, they KNOWINGLY voted on it AFTER the questions were raised!?
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Proud Bluenoser🇨🇦 Jul 17
Replying to @JKap86 @curryb and 2 others
Nope. Two different meetings. Facts matter.
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Drsummeroff Jul 16
Wernick said conflict of interest was not discussed. Chagger said it was. Are these two separate meetings?
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NickEl ✊🏳️‍🌈 Jul 17
Replying to @msmarples @curryb and 2 others
Likely, yes.
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AlERRI19971999 Jul 16
Non answer. These questions refers to 'tough questions' about that she didnt confirm. Just lies.
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Kenney Hughes Jul 16
Oh boy! Lawyers billings just went up!!!!!!
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Colonel Angus🍊🌹 Jul 16
And subsequently ignored.
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Denni Lyle Jul 16
The entire system is now trying to protect Justin Trudeau's political power, when it's supposed to be in place to protect the Canadian People. It's corrupt - Spencer Fernando
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Dianne Varga Jul 17
But then Angus concluded that hadn't brought these concerns to cabinet ?
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