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Workspace designed for creative people; space where you can grow your business and expand horizons.
Tweets Mar 15
- every Friday we will introduce a new creative we have in our community! Tune in next Friday to meet the wonderful Harriet!
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Everyone give a warm welcome to Adam, our new ! Our fridges will be filled with the best, locally produced dairy you can get! We’re happy to have with us.
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Ain’t no scurvy getting us down. We arrrrrrgh getting through this dreary Thursday with a slice of sunshine and killer puns.
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E17 Art Trail Dec 23
Replying to @CreativeW_E17
Brilliant! Can't wait to see what will take place in your new venue.
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Penny Dampier Jan 24
Great event at this evening! Live acts and inspiring apprentices...
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Accumulate Jan 25
£3.6m London co-working space launches to help youngsters on margins
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Fay C Jan 25
Very inspiring launch party last night for ~ wonderful to have all partners & funders talk so passionately about the hub and see the vision realised!
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JP Jan 25
Inspiring night at with the launch of a co-working space for creatives. As an investor, I'm not sure I'd be allowed to work there 🎨📈, but it was an absolute privilege to play a small part in realising Alexis's dream.
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Big Issue Invest Jan 29
A HUGE well done to our investee in this year's awards. Here's a bit more about what they do ⬇️
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Really Good Creative Feb 19
NEWSFLASH! We're moving to a shiny new space in sunny Walthamstow – Looking forward to being based at in Gnome House...
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LBWFBusinessGrowth Feb 19
Useful prompts for those in too. What's worked for you? My is to join networking groups, meet others, share experiences to reduce loneliness
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Hubble Mar 12
⭐️ HOFFAs news! ⭐️ Find the full list of winners and runners up at the Hubble Office of the Future Awards (and why they won!) at this link: – and whilst you're at it, check out some of the photos of the event for the very first time! 📸
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Welcome to the family Studio Bau ! It’s good to have you here in with us.
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Creative United Mar 10
Calling all photographers in the area! Need help growing your business? Get in touch... Apply here:
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Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 Mar 10
Only a couple more weeks until Atomic 50 opens! 🛠️ Blackhorse Workshop are working to transform a disused building in Leyton into the borough's first ghost factory. Book now to immerse yourself in an exciting journey through time and metalworking...
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Creative United Mar 11
What do our businesses want to gain from FORGE ? "I want to develop a marketing strategy and think about new markets..."
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We had a lively, all female line-up for our 3rd gig & ! We’re honoured to groove with such talented women!
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We know how to end a work week in style! Pancakes and mimosas for all our hard-working creatives!
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Happy International Women’s Day to our female and female identifying friends ❤️
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A huge thank you to for hosting such an amazing night! Congrats to all the nominees, finalists, and fellow winners!
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