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Tweets Nov 16
Join us tomorrow, Tuesday 17th November, at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PST/ 15:00 EST) as we welcome back to chat about using C++ as an OpenGL/ Vulkan shader compiler.
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Dvir Yitzchaki Nov 13
Great episode with . Favorite quote: "Before writing a new C++ feature paper, you have to write 3 review papers".
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Episode #76 with “Chairs Around a Tony Table” This week we chat with Tony Van Eerd about what comes after Post Modern C++, what the single most important principle for good code is, and what Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare have to do with all this
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James Munns Oct 20
This was super fun! In the post chat we realized we had another hour or two of things to talk about :D Thanks for having me , looking forward to the next time we get to chat!
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Join us tomorrow, Tuesday 20th October, at 18:00 UTC (11am PDT, 7pm BST, 8pm CEST) for a special round table with members of the C++ and Rust communities to chat about cross cutting concerns and what each community can learn from the other.
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Episode #75 with “I Really like Sugar” This week we chat with a Conor Hoekstra, about dreaming in algorithms, being a programming language addict and writing beautiful code.
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Undo Jul 20
What's your favourite developer superpower? Ours is to go back in time to examine program state at any point in time - learn how to set a breakpoint in the past with -
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Alison Chaiken Jul 15
How C++20 modules break build systems (all of 'em) and about forthcoming ISO technical report recommendations about laying out the filesystem structure of C++ projects:
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Looks like the earlier tweet never sent! We’ll be live with in (now) about 20 minutes! (20:00 UTC)
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Episode #74 with “My Friends Call Me Bool” This week we chat with a vector-of-bool (a.k.a. Colby Pike) about pseudonyms, modules, build systems and his layout proposal, Pitchfork. At the last minute we branch into TDD and good design.
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Meeting C++ Jun 11
Replying to @cppcast @cppchat
Do folks who listen to also read r/cpp? Which standards do they currently use? And do they also listen to ?
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A reminder that we go live in two and a half hours with - that’s 20:00 UTC - not 19:00 as previously tweeted! (The localised times were correct, though)
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You might have the last laugh! Just noticed that the UTC time was wrong! It should be 20:00!
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You must be a programmer :-D
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What’s UDT? The times were listed as UTC (which is same as GMT) by default, then the timezone for each participant (PDT for Jon in West Coast USA, EDT for Tony, East Coast Canada, and BST for Phil in the UK). If you want anything else it’s trivial to get it from UTC.
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Join us on Thursday, at 19:00 UTC (21:00 BST/ 13:00 PDT/ 16:00 EDT) as we chat with
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Episode #73 with Yuri Minaev “It Doesn’t Get Bored and It Doesn’t Get Tired” This week we chat with a Yuri Minaev, of PVS Studio, about static analysis - and why you shouldn't be skipping on this essential part of software development
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Conor Hoekstra May 19
I will be on tomorrow, May 20 at 3:30 EST / 12:30 PST talking about , and Be sure to tune in to the live chat on YouTube to ask any questions 🙂
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Join us tomorrow (Wednesday 20th May) at 19:30 UTC (20:30 BST, 12:30 PDT, 15:30 EDT) as we chat with
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