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brings the answer to many unsolved challenges in the field of natural language understanding.
Tweets Jun 16
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Peter Barkow Jun 4
1st Joint / Meetup in DUS founder Francisco Webber on Efficiency as the Key Performance Indicator
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Peter Barkow Jun 4
Finally: A Cat at our FinTech Meetup thx to ‘s Francisco Webber
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Boris Janek Jun 4
Sehr spannend Semantic Folding Theory ein anderer Weg in Sachen
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3.0 features an easy-to-use interface that enables Subject-Matter Experts to control the whole training and information extraction process
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Ready to talk about , , and at – Visit us at the booth STM8!
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Meet us on May 15-16 at in Berlin!
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Replying to @mikecane
Looking into this, thanks!
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Paul Middlebrooks Apr 12
Francisco and I chat about his unique and efficient approach to natural language processing, semantic folding theory, his company , ideas for you to start your own business, Francisco in the shower... and... more...
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Numenta 🧠 Apr 11
New report highlights how our partner is applying AI technology to the legal domain.
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Numenta 🧠 Apr 11
Our co-founder is featured in this video from Is Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent? How Machine Learning Has Developed.
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Numenta 🧠 Mar 28
Our new paper is up on , titled “How Can We Be So Dense? The Benefits of Using Highly Sparse Representations,” where and Luiz Scheinkman walk through our implementation of brain-like SDRs in practical systems as a proof of concept.
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Volker Davids Mar 23
Machine Learning mit : Semantische Inhalte erfassen - JAXenter
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Numenta 🧠 Mar 22
Last year, we tested our own anomaly detection algorithm, 's Random Cut Forest algorithm, and other anomaly detection algorithms available in open source against the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark. We reported the results in this 2018 blog post.
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How can we make computers understand written law? Semantic Folding is one of the answers!
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Numenta 🧠 Mar 15
In our most recent paper published in this year, we proposed a framework for intelligence based on grid cells, also known as the brain’s GPS system, and discuss its implications for both neuroscience and machine intelligence.
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