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We have formed the CONCORDIA consortium to take the lead in connecting the European competencies and to overcome the future challenges.
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Atos Cybersecurity 20h
[ & ] Confirmed: Billion records exposed In massive device via ! Are they all secure in your ecosystem?  
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Check out our new blog post about European ecosystem, written by from .
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Gaby Dreo Nov 13
Building and interconnecting ecosystems is essential to face the challenges of cybersecurity. Four pilots (, , , ) are preparing the way for the .
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Florent Kirchner Nov 14
Privileged to be discussing these opportunities and challenges at global forum in London today. Going as Spartan but proud to represent all pilots.
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ARI Marcomm Nov 14
🔴Live from Toulouse🇫🇷 Aljosa Pasic from speaking about data sharing challenges on 📌Cybersecurity for Europe🇪🇺 More information here👇👇
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SC Media UK Nov 12
congratulates Gabi Dreo Rodosek, as she joins 's 50 Most Influential Women in in 2019. See the complete list here: ,
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CyberSec4Europe Nov 13
"Cybersecurity is not just for the IT community - it concerns everyone!" Miguel González-Sancho, DG CNECT, kicking off our Cyber Security for Europe 2019 Conference in Toulouse.
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Gaby Dreo Nov 12
Great and humorous talks by President-elect , Minister President of Bavaria and Prof. Lutz, BayWa at the Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern with my colleagues from Prof. Lutz and Ralf Wintergerst.
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Gaby Dreo Nov 9
If you were wondering who are the professors of , here is a nice picture with the German Minister of Defence , President of the Bundeswehr University Munich Prof. Niehuss and Head of Student Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Schlemmer.
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Gaby Dreo Nov 8
It was a great honour and pleasure to welcome yesterday the German Minister of Defence at the premises of the in Munich. Minister referred in her press statement to the RI CODE as the “golden nugget". Very proud of this.
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DigitalSingleMarket Nov 11
With the programme we propose €9.2BN of investment to meet the challenges of the future: €2.5 BN - €700 M - advanced €1.3 BN - €2 M - to €2.7 BN -
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You have heard from us about the many times. It was a great event. Therefore, we return to it in today's blog post. , the main coordinator of the event, summarizes the most important things. Check it out!
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The 4 competence centres pilots on meet after the concertation meeting Open Pilot Workshop, as they bring you thought-provoking talks on how you'll benefit from various initiatives to support the cybersecurity needs of across .
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Register now👉 webinar on Blockchain: Multi-application viewpoints & opportunities in collaboration with focus on & its benefits to R&I projects, marketplace & SMEs.
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Thanks for the opportunity to learn how organisations can benefit from the Network & Competence Centres. It's happening now: Join virtually!
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We have a great new blog post that focuses on ecosystem and users' . It was written by , from the Scientific Group of . He especially deals with web transparency tools. Very interesting!
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We are CONCORDIANS, our objectives are clear and ambitious. Our mindset is big, diverse, and inclusive. More words are not necessary. Just wait for our results!
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The purpose is to provide guidance and set concrete priorities for policymakers and relevant stakeholders. The roadmap will build on the outcomes of the work of the whole consortium and it will also encompass the , , and broader aspects of .
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