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skypjack Feb 22
I've just released EnTT v3.3.0 - no more named types, reduced compilation time, better support for working across boundaries, range functionalities and much more. Check it out!
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Diego Feb 22
This is the amazing venue of . In vibrant Madrid city center, the area is gorgeous and live, would recommend to stay over the weekend. Less than one month for ConanDays, can't wait!
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David Feb 21
Replying to @Manu343726 @Dani_MTB
just used for the first time on a project, along side CMake. Worked surprisingly well
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Tobias Hieta Feb 21
Agree! We could never ship as far and wide as we do without Conan. I would probably not trust upstream binary packages in a non-hobby project though.
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Shajeen Ahamed Feb 20
Replying to @Manu343726 @Dani_MTB
CMake + Conan, what else we need.
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Madrid C/C++ User Group Feb 20
Seguro que has oído hablar de , pero si aún no lo utilizas en tus proyectos o en tu empresa, no te puedes perder la charla de hoy a cargo de (desarrollador de Conan en )
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Kim Kulling Feb 20
Finally: is our new home, now with SSL
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JFrog Feb 19
ROS does provide some build and dependencies management tools. Kellya Clanzig and Fabien Laurent discuss how to use Conan and developing tools to effectively work with ROS packages at scale.  
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JFrog Feb 18
Early Barbarian pricing ends today! Get your ticket to for only 150 Euros. Add hands-on Conan Training before the courses are sold out.   
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Kai Wolf Feb 11
I'm happy to announce that I'll be giving a talk the the ConanDays 2020 in Madrid this year. More infos' here: I'm happy to announce that I'll be giving a talk at the ConanDays conference in Madrid this year. More info's here:
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Pavan Belagatti Feb 17
How you can apply specifically for the C and C++ languages?
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Madrid C/C++ User Group Feb 18
Este jueves día 20 tendremos por fin una charla de en . nos hablará de "Conan, C++ y el elefante en la habitación" ¿Te has apuntado ya?
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Replying to @conan_io
For example Mathworks is listing Conan as additional qualification in this position: We are happy to share any job posting that could be interesting to the Conan community: C, C++, Conan, Devops...
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We have a new Linkedin Conan page! Can be useful for job related things, like sharing job postings or C and C++ interesting articles in Linkedin
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Tonka Feb 16
Short post about the conan recipe builder pattern with aka custom builds from existing conan recipes.
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Brad Larson Feb 14
! ! !! And now, yours truly. It was an honor to be what is surely the least qualified guest ever on . We had a great discussion on running modern C++ on small watch platforms. I had a blast!
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Early Barbarian pricing ends next week! Get your ticket to for only 150 Euros to attend two full days of technical content with the whole Conan Community and C/C++ build engineering enthusiasts.   
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Dominik Berner Feb 14
SI version 1.4.1 includes micro-benchmarking to prove zero overhead operations (and for even more regression testing) Plus supporting a package for windows
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Kerstin Keller explains how Continental AG introduced new workflows and recipe templates for different use cases like internally developed libraries, external libraries, and binary packages. Register here:
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Timur Doumler Feb 12
I'm finally getting my head around C++20 Ranges. Turns out it's not exactly straightforward. For example, how do you make a container from a range? See my latest blog post:
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