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is a non-profit dedicated to introducing all students, especially girls and people of color, to computer science. Anybody can learn.
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Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Aug 9
It's never to early to start thinking about ! We're now accepting proposals for next year's event and are looking for volunteers to help review these submissions! Learn more:
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Project Login 9h
Day 2 of our Summer Institute and it’s fun/favorite hat day for our CS Discoveries cohort. Please enjoy this photo of our teachers wearing their hats.
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iLab Southeast Asia Aug 1
“The new curriculum adopted from by InSTEDD is helping students broaden their problem-solving skills and creativity as they learn to build websites and games”, said Chenda, an IT teacher at NGS. To read the full article, click here
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Amna Ali Aug 10
Attended Day 1 of Teacher Learning Code conference Great start with awesome keynote speakers Access lesson plans and explore digital skills .
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MsCorridonCS Aug 10
Love the swag sent me for . Thank you for always making me feel appreciated.
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Rest in peace, Frances Allen. Allen and her fellow researchers spent decades refining the “compiler,” a key component of modern computing still in use today.
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Computer science skills are foundational for every student! The demand for skilled tech workers is growing, and even those who don't work in tech can still benefit.
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Anita Lavakumar Aug 7
Part of Cohort 1 of the DLCS@BPS initiative at is wrapping up their PD today!
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Replying to @InspiredImpact
Yay, we're so glad you love your goodies!
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Tammy Morris Aug 7
Lovin' the surprising and FUN swag I received in the mail for sharing !! Thank you !! I love your curriculum, and I love your staff!
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Can YOU tell which is which? Do you think AI could? 🐶🧁🖥️ Happy Friday and have a great weekend, everyone!
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CS education is expanding around the globe and preparing students with crucial skills. But there's still a ways to go before all students master these CS concepts for their futures. examines these challenges and how to address them ⬇️
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Replying to @codeorg
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Amidst all the negative impacts, is "providing a generational opportunity to reimagine ," says . The SG calls for investments in digital literacy, infrastructure, and more equitable and inclusive education systems. Read the full article below.
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Replying to @aplusk
You can watch 's lesson and see all other lessons and activities at !
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Earlier this year guest shared some advice for Dior and all other CS students: "The people who are building the coolest things in the world ... are no smarter than you are. You've got to believe you've got it." 🖥🎉
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You've heard of machine learning, but are you familiar with machine programming? It could be the next frontier in computer science 😮
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University System of Maryland Jul 31
Senator & Jackie Smalls , Chief Programs Officer shared inspiring words about the importance of PreK-12 computer science education at the July 29 Community Session hosted by & .
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James M. Falletti Jul 31
and are two fundamental goals needed to encourage and . Thank you for the amazing opportunity with CS Discoveries
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Jacki Reid Jul 31
Wrapped up another week of CS Edu in Utah! We have an eager group of educators learning how to engage their students in CS during the pandemic and an amazing facilitator team leading the way!!
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