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Chris Chu de León
Our Houston office is in the heart of the Latinx community. We're celebrating con baile folklorico, música, y comunidad. As a Latino, Tío Bernie is building political power for my family & community. I'm proud to be in this movimiento.
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Clear Singularity Feb 13
What about San Antonio! I would love to be there!
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Chris Chu de León Feb 13
We'll have a mariachi band, food, screen printing, and more at our San Antonio office opening this Saturday! Please RSVP here:
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Syed Kashif Naqvi Feb 14
What's the address of the Houston office!
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Chris Chu de León Feb 14
608 S Sgt Macario Garcia Dr, Houston, TX 77011!
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Irvis Orozco Feb 13
Hermoso!! El pueblo Mexicano y los Latinos queremos mucho al Tío Bernie! El Bernie Si esta con el Pueblo! Que Viva Bernie y la revolución del pueblo!!!
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Nehuen Amaru🇦🇷 Feb 13
viva Bernie!😁🇦🇷
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kevin Feb 13
Excellente! Go Bernie. He opened an office in Oxnard, CA, first Presidential candidate to do so. This is a majority Mexican community between Malibu an Santa Barbara. Others would have chosen them instead. Y viva Chavez, the both of them.
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🌹mORal cOUrAGe🌹 Feb 13
Thank goodness 💜! I’ve been doing what I can in the Bay Area but we are going to need every Latino and every youth vote to kick some teeth in. Mainly Drump and Doomberg lol ✊🏽.
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JP Feb 13
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Janet Cordova Feb 13
How exciting!! Let’s win Texas!
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