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Lawrence Trent 2h
Blitz Brawls at the top of the hour folks! Taking on everyone and anyone. Going to be playing slightly longer time controls so that I am able to really break down my thought processes during games. Come hang out we go in 20
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ChesscomNews 7h
Dortmund R4: Kramnik Shows Duda Who's The Boss On Wednesday Kramnik scored his first win in Dortmund, and it was a big one: The 14th world champion beat leader Duda. recovered with a win vs Nisipeanu. Report:
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The rated Wed. Blitz (3 2) starts in 15! Join the club () and the tourney in .
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SaintLouis ChessClub 15h
Replying to @Gmasterg4 @chesscom
GM Naroditsky wrote a great article about rook lifts for
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., , Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, , and GM Yasser Seirawan. Are you hyped? 🔥👑🔥 Watch on and !
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Are you a chess streamer looking to grow your channel on ? Sign up for today!
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Daniel Negreanu 16h
New fun goal for me is to get my rating from 946 to 1200 in a year. Not sure if that’s hard or not?
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Our weekly blitz ⚡ chess tournament starts in 30 minutes! Join in ! Learn more about the Arena Kings Streamers' Championship:
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In the mood for some crazyhouse?! 😜🏠 Join our "Big Event" tournament, registration is open now! 🏆 ➡️
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Want to make a career out of chess? We've got numerous tools to help you reach the students and audience you need! See how we can help in this guide by !
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How can White seize the moment in today's ? 🤔
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Lawrence Trent Jul 18
Here's my streaming schedule for the rest of the week come join the fun we kick things off with starting at 19.00
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Do you watch chess events? Do you learn from them? 🤔 One of chess' most beloved commentators, GM Yasser Seirawan, shares his thoughts on spectating.
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Completed the Advanced Study Guide? Round everything out by "Bringing It All Together."
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ChesscomNews Jul 18
No Doubt In Dortmund: Duda Is The Real Thing Round 3 report meeting:
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. and kick off the 2018 season on July 24! 🤩 Who will be joining them? previews this year's action with 14 more incredible players! ⚡😲⚡
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Want to be listed as chess coach at ? Fill out our coaching application and start connecting with potential students today!
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How would you continue White's attack in today's ? 🤔
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What is "endgame thinking"? Learn that and much, much more in our endgame study plan for advanced players.
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The rated Monday Blitz (5 0) starts in 15! Join the club () and the tourney in .
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