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cherry (rae) thompson 🧬
In pulling my game threads together, I started to write about them. I ended up with something quite different; my usual vulnerability Potent Kindness: The Quest to Teach Games Accessibility Effectively Happy
It’s hard to receive criticism; a global truth. Something no-one ever told me was that it’s also hard to give it, at least well.
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meredith β˜”οΈ 16 May 19
Replying to @cherryrae
I have no regrets, only grief is such a powerful sentence and god am I stealing it. πŸ’— Happy 😘
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cherry (rae) thompson 🧬 19 May 19
Replying to @merryh
Thanks!! Please steal it for sure πŸ˜­πŸ™Œ it came out as a tweet a while ago and it’s really the best way to describe about how I feel about so much of my past πŸ’™ (Also Sorry I missed this!)
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