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On the Dodd–Frank Act, hopes doesn't harm consumers by removing business regulations.
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Jerel Rocktaschel 7 Feb 17
yeah but fake president's buddies can't get loans so...
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Shay0821 7 Feb 17
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TightSocksEasyFeat 8 Feb 17
Oh, he will. Don't you worry.
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Bannon's Gin Blossom 8 Feb 17
Please don't over regulate Scotch, I will sniffle and run.
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Winning 8 Feb 17
A Cost v Benefit analysis should be used for every regulation.
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jakoppel 8 Feb 17
this would necessitate that consumers are his priority
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EstheticsGuru 8 Feb 17
HOPES!! It will be 2009 again in a few years. Just watch!!
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Dan Sanders 8 Feb 17
Good idea to scale back Dept of Ed drastically. Just enough people to block grant States. Real waste!
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Billy Bumper 8 Feb 17
great video to put someone to sleep with,do you ever listen to yourself?lightweight needs replaced
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Darlene Woodhurst 9 Feb 17
You best hope you aren't voted out. We need real Americans, not American haters like you Obama's gone
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