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We understand it also includes security uses, e.g. notifications if the bike has been moved or tampered with.
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Redis Labs has updated its licence agreements. Here's why (and what they now do) via
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The UK industry spends £3 billion every year on IT upgrades. Does it get value for money? A CBR Dining Club in association with on Mar. 27 will discuss this, , the pending “New Payments Architecture” and more. Register here:
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Conor Reynolds 13h
Windows Servers HTTP/2 Request Bug Can Trigger 100% CPU Usage via .com
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"If you’ve built a telecommunications network in a way that the compromise of one supplier can cause catastrophic national harm, then you’ve built it the wrong way". NCSC CEO Ciaran Martin in Brussels this week.
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. has unveiled the "foundation" of its cloud strategy, "Cloud Services Platform", based on & , among other software tools. Via
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ForrestBrown Feb 20
If you've been making use of R&D tax credits for development, you should read new HMRC guidance, which we have helpfully summarised here with the help of our friends 🖥🤓💰
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Please do drop a DM for starters.
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Conor Reynolds Feb 20
“Technology providers derive significant value from the NHS beyond access to unique data sets.” The UK Department of Health has published an AI code of conduct for data-driven health applications and artificial intelligence technologies.
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Firmware updates are causing app syncing issues for these new smart shoes from Nike, users are complaining
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Leading password managers are fundamentally insecure, say researchers at . They respond, in turn, that if someone has access to local memory you are already in deep trouble
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Call it the Wayback Machine of code: a searchable open archive of software source code across iterations; from buggy beta versions, to sophisticated contemporary release. via .com
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"As they undergo significant digital transformation programs, governments across the globe are faced with a series of increasingly complex challenges" via .com
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Russian nation-state hackers are significantly faster than their Chinese counterparts to breach then move laterally across target systems, says in its annual threat report
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LF Edge Jan 28
"Why The Linux Foundation's New Project May Prove Trans formative," via
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Ed Targett Feb 19
Kaspersky has launched a new threat intelligence aggregator, that integrates into a pretty broad range of SIEMs, e.g. from IBM, LogRhythm, McAfee in JSON, STIX, XML and CSV. Looks handy.
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"999: What's Your Organisation's Emergency?" 's Head of EMEA on contingency planning /incident response:
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If your Microsoft Teams is down, you are not alone...
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This new firewall from is the world's first designed for the company says. has details
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As Europe's legislation creeps ever closer to being adopted, the Commission has issued an apology and deleted an official post that dubbed critics of the proposed bill a "mob"
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