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Oracle has made its Service generally available. Based on Fabric, it's already being widely used...
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For those interested in our story about this morning here's an earlier case study courtesy of . (Thanks!)
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Cambridge-based started in a garden shed. Now it's just closed a $14m funding round and names SAP and Micro Focus as clients. has more
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Exciting news for and the UK's booming small satellite sector; development of an indigenous spaceport is likely to prove a real fillip for the -associated tech sector. has more
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Ed Targett Jul 13
Markets are pounding on its CA deal. (Down £10 billion!) Is more "wierd" shopping coming? And is it that odd a deal?
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The push to democratise machine learning should be applauded. ' is a different kettle of fish, but driven by a similar ethos
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This Irish startup can read your expressions and sell data on them back to marketing team; has just been snapped up by an overseas buyer. via
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Bug bounty payouts (rewards for hackers who find vulnerabilities in your network or software) are rising. But is the UK lagging? And are businesses transparent enough about vulnerability disclosure?
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Apache Cassandra turns 10 this year. 's President Steve Rowland joined for a catch-up on past, present and future...
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"Cabinet Office guidance seems to be pretty clear. Large, long-term, single-vendor outsourcing contracts, no longer represent value for money and constrain departments from delivering ICT that enables better ways of working" on IT deal
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Unammed aerial vehicles might be coming to a city close to you sooner than you think... has teamed up with European and Singaporean regulators to discuss just that. has more
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Snowflake's warehouse service has come to
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A European Parliamentary committee has voted overwhelmingly in favour of harmonising standards and introducing a labelling system for products. has more
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Google has rolled out a raft of new and features that may be of particular interest to our readers, as well as those more broadly in the arena
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Exclusive from : has won a £135 million contract to run some 250 IT systems at
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Daimler and Bosch have signed an agreement with to power their autonomous vehicles. has details
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An effective ERP system is crucial for retailers to unlock the benefits of drop shipping - a form of on-demand , says 's John Weber.
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Canonical has unveiled a pared-back, significantly faster "Minimal " iteration of its Ubuntu Server OS,
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Ed Targett Jul 11
Credit reference agencies facing an audit, owner facing criminal action, hit with maximum fine
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From improved self-service offerings, to personalised financial products, AI can transform retail banking, but as emphasises; exceptional security and resilience are paramount
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