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Blake Farrow
Caltech engineer. Canadian expat. Recovering rebel. Fluent in cooking, coffee and science. A steampunk romantic.
Blake Farrow Oct 23
FYI My RCS chat features just turned on all of a sudden in Messages. Not sure if this was the fix your team was testing or some other solution.
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Blake Farrow Sep 13
Replying to @sanazahari
Great, thanks for the reply.
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Blake Farrow Sep 8
based on some of your tweets a few weeks ago, it seems like RCS on a dual SIM phone should be working on Google Fi. Is this correct? I've followed all the checklists and reset storage/deactivated Carrier Services, but no luck. Thanks in advance.
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Blake Farrow Aug 20
My phone number is correct in that menu. But thanks for the response!
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Blake Farrow Aug 19
Is this rolling out slowly? I am on a OnePlus 7 Pro (unlocked dual SIM) on Google Fi, and Messages says chat/RCS features are not available for my device. (On Messages beta, Carrier Services installed). Anything I should try? Thanks!
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Blake Farrow 30 Sep 18
My REAL ID drivers license expired along with my limited legal presence document (EAD) on Sept 1. I have a new EAD and I'd like to renew. The mail form says to "retain a REAL ID compliant card" I need to go in person. Is this true, can I renew by mail?
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