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Donald J. Trump Jun 3
Undercover Huber is a great spoof, funny, but at the same time sad, because the real did absolutely NOTHING. He was a garbage disposal unit for important documents & then, tap, tap, tap, just drag it along & run out of time. A.G. Jeff Sessions was played like a drum!
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Catturd ™
Agreed - don’t forget worthless Christopher Wray who needs to be fired.
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LS⭐️⭐️⭐️🍿 Jun 3
Wray is worse...withholding exculpatory material in the Flynn case and having his corrupt General Counsel support the continued cover up of the FBI’s role in railroading General Flynn...hopefully they will charge him as a co conspirator...
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Mark Harrison 🇺🇸 Jun 3
Exculpatory material was tied up in grand jury proceedings. Wray may be a white hat sleeper.
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JDwithJD Jun 3
Journalists need sent to gitmo.
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Snyder Arts Oct 9
“Journalists” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You mean MIC Paid assets
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CMHbeaches Jun 3
Agree. On November 4th!
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You Can Call Me Dicky Jun 3
Wait, what happened to trust Sessions, trust Wrat, Huber, trust the plan?
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Merde-a-Lago Jun 7
Troll. Blocked.
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Nancy Mathenia Jun 3
Picked by trump
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Mym #HoldTheLine Jun 3
Wouldnt it be an ideal world if every member of staff we employed in every business, government etc was a perfect fit.......
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