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Caitlin Roper
woman criticises Tyler the Creator rape lyrics, he gets followers 2 harass her & make rape threats
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sami 5 Jun 13
Shut the fuck up
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latino heat 2k18 5 Jun 13
Replying to @caitlin_roper
not one of those tweets you posted was a "threat"
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Andy Urtz 5 Jun 13
Just because you hide behind the veil of feminism and women's rights doesn't make you any less or a troll
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Gillian Bauer 5 Jun 13
Such arrogant, useless children. If everyone lived this way (no decency) we'd be in trouble
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Kendon Mosbrucker 6 Jun 13
I am a fan of Tyler, I do not "endorse rape" or "threaten" to rape anybody. Your ignorance is killing me!
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malcolm brogdon fan account 7 Jun 13
he never even sen his fans towards her, ignant. he did retweet it though.
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