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Tweets Nov 1
I love the bus and coach industry for the colourful characters that work in it. Meet Syd who has a unique way with employee relations ...
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Global atmospheric CO2 levels hit record high
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CumminsEurope Oct 23
Revealed . Van Hool's 'Glider' eco-hybrid, set to transform transport in Belfast. Powered by B6.7 built in Darlington.
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Getting tough on car ownership. Singapore: no more cars allowed on the road, government says
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Amminex Oct 3
Great article from on new approaches to in UK - featuring Amminex and ASDS (p. 58)
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ADL Oct 20
Well remembered! That was back in Dennis days before we were the fully integrated company we are today!
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Colin Robertson CEO at packed press conference for their first and points out ADL is world leader in double deck buses.
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‘what have we done to this world?’ Isbrand Ho on air pollution. Easier for him of course as a pure electric man.
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Evidently Swiss passengers are in good shape. Slimline second staircase on Enviro500 for
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Citea electric buses in operation - 4.6 million km and counting.
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Perhaps it got lost in translation, but finding it hard to understand Iveco Bus use of ‘Natural Power’ to describe a CNG Bus.
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Striking new Van Hool ExquiCity for Belfast. To be branded Glider.
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Meanwhile launch battery elec bus extolling virtue of opportunity charging as “future for city bus operations”
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Flexible charging confirmed for new 7900e. In other words, no longer tied to opportunity charging.
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A Proterra electric bus just drove 1,100 miles on a single charge
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Matthew Arnold 7 Jun 17
Finally managed to bag a ride on of these red/green hydrogen fuel cell buses.
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Chris Jenner 6 Jun 17
the New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag and the people of New York did not disappoint.
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Doug Parr 5 Jun 17
Guangzhou will replace all 30,000 buses & taxis with electric vehicles by 2020
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John Whitelegg 31 May 17
Liverpool's bus lane vandalism is totally unacceptable +nthe study tour has been put together with the same lack of intelligence
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UK government sued for third time over illegal air pollution from diesels
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