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Natural history workshops and displays for schools, events and children's parties.
Tweets Aug 16
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Sunnyside Academy Jun 11
A big thank you to Guy from BugsnStuff! Reception and Year 1 had an awesome time learning about the amazing creatures.
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Thanks to all that came to see us today! We're back on Wednesday August 29th!
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David Johnstone Aug 11
we really enjoyed your talk today funny and educational. Thanks very much.
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The Beacon Museum Aug 10
Sat 11th Aug the mini beasts are back, This workshop is £4 per person this includes parents accompanying children. Booking is essential please ring 01946 592302 12.30/1.30, 2pm/3pm, 3.30/4.30
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Another reason to be mindful in the field. A female camelus. These giant birds cannot fly, but to compensate they can run. Reaching speeds of over 70 km/h make them undoubtedly the fastest land in the world...
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The Beacon Museum Aug 3
Our mini beast sessions are back tomorrow afternoon, 12.30, 2pm and 3.30 booking is essential ages 4+ £4 per person
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are ambush predators meaning they rarely venture out to search for food but prefer to sit and wait for prey to walk past their burrows as can be seen here verdezi
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Jili Allen Jul 30
Had a great time yesterday with 🕷 🐛 🐜 Was also the first time I’ve been in the since we did the and created an advertising leaflet too - great
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The Beacon Museum Jul 28
Our Mini Beast sessions are a big hit still places left for tomorrow 01946592302
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You can see why this often gets called the ! This adult male is using building-site blocks as a stage to show off to any watching females! ( mwanzae)
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We’re all set up for day of Come and and find out what’s in that
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Our Spiny-tailed (Kendal) is now 18 months old and getting BIG!
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Check out this impressive Armoured ( discoidalis). As a defence against predators, it may , meaning it can squirt toxic haemolymph (blood) at the attacker!
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A busy day Treasure House for Meet the part of their Really Really Wild Day!
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A mixture of modern and traditional hanging from a tree in
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A stunning kite ( cancriformis). They're sometimes are called star spiders because of the thorn-like projections on their abdomen. in habit and harmless to humans
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A female black ( nigrescens). They're a relatively calm species of scorpion. When disturbed they move slowly in search of shelter. Possessing potent , they're a species to be respected!
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