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Natural history workshops and displays for schools, events and children's parties.
Tweets Nov 11
A sneak peek at our current location today. Lots of amazing pictures ready to share on our return so watch this space!
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A female ( misippus) which mimics another distasteful butterfly that it co-exists with meaning most predators will leave it alone.
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We were pleased to encounter the weird yet wonderful while in . Males have huge mandibles but being useless they're just for show! Dobsonflies are one of the largest winged on the planet with some Asian species reaching a 21.6cm wingspan!
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Another unidentified but beautiful from the mountains
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of the genus in have highly toxic venom making them a daily hazard while searching under logs and rocks. All scorpions give birth to live young that spend their first few days on the females back for protection.
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sp. Commonly found in gardens, feeding on flowers, giving them their common name of flower
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Busily editing an upcoming documentary all about the of . Here’s a sneak peek! Guy with a beautiful in habitat!
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Our busiest season is fast approaching - ! Check out to find out where we will be and come along to
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Ouseburn Farm Oct 8
Today sees the launch of our Pay for a Day scheme! Every day we’re hit with the fact that it costs us £1300 to be here, & we're giving your company the chance to do something wonderful. Visit or email for more info 💚
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Today we're celebrating our 7th birthday! 7 years of Here's to many more!
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Click ! A spine on the section below the beetles head can be snapped into a corresponding notch on the next section, producing a violent "click" that can bounce the beetle into the air!
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The eastern chanting (Melierax poliopterus) named for the distinct sounds that they make.
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A closer look at the beautiful male Blade-horned chameleon! ( multituberculata). Check out our film on this species here
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’s can be difficult to photograph due to their fast flight but they do have a habit of settling on favourite perches around their territory. Find that perch, set up your camera and wait for the perfect shot! ( lucia).
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Editing of the new documentary 'Brachypelma - The Red Leg Tarantula Spiders of ' is underway! This 2 disc DVD will feature some of the world's most iconic such as this Mexican red knee ( smithi) in glorious HD!
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Unidentified social grouped together on a leaf. Individuals gain protection from by surrounding themselves with others as the probability that any one individual will be singled out by a predator decreases with group size.
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