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Brian Stelter
>> : "Journalism is not a profession of being friends. Journalism is a profession of agitation."
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Lord Xizwhoa Jun 8
Yeah, BBC doesn't count as journalism, like CNN, msnbc, fox news. Etc.
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Waiting for Rona (@🏠) 👱💃🕺📷📺 Jun 7
Great show today! I look forward to watching you over all the other Sunday shows. You keep it real and honest. You remind me of Charles Kuralt. I always looked forward to On The Road every Sunday. I would love to see more about how the network is being run remotely, please!
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Willie 🇺🇸 Jun 7
I don’t agree with very often, but she is right on the money, about a good journalist. A really good journalist can make you uncomfortable, at times. That’s their job. She has my respect.
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Klondike lets “count so more votes” Jun 8
I should be uncomfortable because of the facts they report, not that they’ve become activists with a national platform, HUGE difference.
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The Hammer of Truth Jun 7
I want to see possessed journalists I want to see people like me rising up with hate laying about them with fiery eyes and steaming genitalia possessed by ancient volcano gods from the Polynesian islands waving vast breasts and improbable penises to the secret chiefs of the world
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Ronald Jun 7
It used to be. Now it's entirely about advertisers money. The pursuit of that money has eroded the quality of the journalism. Where's Lou grant gone?
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2021 Jun 7
Uh that's not journalism
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Jeff Rocke Jun 7
My definition of a journalist: Report facts, search for answers, provide context, offer insight and do it without distortion, opinion or bias.
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Loren Cosby Jun 7
Agree - what I tried to do - be eyes & ears of events- tell people busy living their lives what they need to know. It wasn't to make the 'comfortable uncomfortable' or have the mindset to agitate yet report info so PEOPLE COULD HOLD THEIR OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE if need be. Not me.
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