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Brian L. Frye
FYI I posted episode 4 of my podcast Ipse Dixit this afternoon, featuring Enrique Guerra-Pujol talking about his excellent paper "Gödel's Loophole." Stay tuned for more episodes soon. If you are interested in being on the show, let me know.
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Rafy García Oct 9
Replying to @brianlfrye @lawscholar
Totally murdered your name. Also, I didn’t see the link to the paper.
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Brian L. Frye Oct 9
Replying to @RafyG @lawscholar
Sorry! I was assured that I was pronouncing it correctly. My apologies. Here is a link to the paper.
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prior probability Oct 9
Replying to @RafyG @brianlfrye
It depends on geography: in Latin America, the “j” in Pujol is soft and silent; in Catalonia (where my surname originated), the “j” is a hard one
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