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Brandon McGinley
The (completely accurate) observation that any attack on conservative religious institutions would disproportionately affect people of color would carry more weight if white conservative Christians showed any interest in issues that affect POC in any other circumstances.
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Brandon McGinley 10 Oct 19
Replying to @brandonmcg
I’ll never forget when a black pastor told a group of white conservative Christians that, as much as they appreciated the new attention, it seemed mighty convenient that the white church all of a sudden sought the black church as ally when its own privileges were threatened.
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AmishDude 10 Oct 19
Replying to @brandonmcg @ncpack2010
School choice?
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Nate Tinner-Williams 11 Oct 19
Maybe the argument is tiresome (read: inconveniently ubiquitous) because such prejudice is so prevalent across the board, among all major political factions in America—all of which are majority-White. I don't see the circularity, in any case.
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