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Brandon LeBlanc
I have begun doing journaling at the end of each evening after hearing talk about how she does it. I'm using .
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D:\ona @ #InsiderDevTour Dec 28
Replying to @brandonleblanc @What
Dude, also ask yourself questions like am I proud of today?” Answer it & try to do more proud of things tomorrow.
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Brandon LeBlanc Dec 28
Replying to @donasarkar @What
There is more I'm not showing in the screenshot but yes I will start answering this question every day.
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Doug Winnie Dec 28
...and express your gratitude for the day! Gratitudes lead to amazing mindfulness.
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Pеdrо Innеccо Dec 29
I use a physical bullet journal instead. Nothing beats the feeling of handwriting on a physical media. I still use OneNote a lot, though.
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Ṯḯḿ Ḩḁẏẁḁṙḋ Dec 29
I use Diarium. Good to get the notifications reminding me to write! And it's cross platform. Developer is very responsive too when you have feedback!
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Simon Allison  🇬🇧 Dec 29
Wow I look at my journal and it was last Jan I started and not started Feb!? But then an entry for August.. So.... Sorting my journal today ready for the new year! I use the bullet journal method, need a recap of your method - but going to do it every day!!
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Jason Nace Dec 29
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