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God first, family second. ✝️🍁
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My friend just told me summer’s set up look like something outta Harry Potter 💀
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Stephan Labossiere Nov 12
If you don't have time to pray, then you're busier than God intended for you to be.
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liz Nov 11
Don Cherry’s legacy to me is decades of xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and closing off hockey to anyone who didn’t look/think like him. I’ll never forget him effectively killing my dream of being in sports media by going off about female reporters. So good riddance you old hag
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dulce dré leche Nov 11
Torontonians trying to make the income from their two jobs match the cost of living
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.Kyky🦢♥️ Nov 10
MY TOXIC TRAIT is when I’m going through something, stressed, depressed, whatever... I tend to stop talking to everyone & when I’m OK again, I start back communicating with everyone like nothing ever happened. It’s not that I’m being funny acting, I just deal with things ALONE.
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My mother in law just told me the hair store in Sheridan mall is selling bundles for $144 3pk. That’s good right?
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The audacity this snow has to fall again. I mean......
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purpz Nov 12
you’d think your face is 100% clean when you wash it but toner really humbles you loool
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Who? Nov 12
I woke up thinking about how Gina Rodriguez didn’t know any other words to ready or not but she annunciated the fuck out of “niggas give me heebie jeebies”.
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Smh wah mi sey?? Stay away from obeah man.
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holistic mami✨ Nov 11
Things to do when you're feeling down: - call a friend - clean your space - color - dance - draw - get off ya phone - hit the gym - journal - listen to a podcast - read - ride a bike - shower - sing - stretch - take a bath - try a new recipe - watch a comedy special - yoga
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I doubt the position I currently hold would even be obtainable as a black woman without my masters so there’s that.
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What am I doing with my masters degree? I feel so limited in this country.
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Replying to @conz
This is pretty amazing, congrats!
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Life happening in slow motion, I hate it 😩
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That Blame Guy 12h
“Please excuse the racism in our old shit. Xoxo. Te he he”
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dij 20h
It’s been one of my best years
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