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Bob Owens
Hi here is the Press Room at . These are locked and loaded. You lied. Retract your false editorial.
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Fresco News License 10 Apr 15
Replying to @bob_owens
Great photo! Can we share this along with other photos from this event on our platform? We will give you credit in all uses.
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MacroAggressions ❌ 10 Apr 15
Would you carry hammer back tho? Just sayin.
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Katie Pavlich 10 Apr 15
Good thing the NYT isn't here, they'd have a heart attack
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Guy 10 Apr 15
Safest place in the world right now. Wish I was there.
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Hootyman 10 Apr 15
LOL - EVERYONE did, except any bad guys (that's the point)
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Walk Toward The Fire 10 Apr 15
Replying to @bob_owens @nytimes
MT : , here is Press Room. These are locked & loaded. You lied. Retract your false editorial
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