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Trevor Dennis May 16
Hey Is there there some problem with getting office updates? I've been trying for two days and the download goes for hours and fails. Trying online repair and it's sitting at about 3% for 30 minutes now.
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Brad Bumgarner
I'm having the same problem. The systems I support updated fine on May 14th. Systems I tried updating on May 15th, the click to run update stalls. Same thing today May 16th.
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NetSec Geek May 17
Was able to resolve my issue. Turned out that the mtu on my network was too low. I had to bump it up. Very odd since it's always been that way.
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Brad Bumgarner May 19
What value was your MTU at before and what did you change it to?
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NetSec Geek May 16
Got the same issue :(
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