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Robin Sandham
ROYAL TERN photo’d at Traeth Dulas, Anglesey, this morning by Its flown out to sea at 12:30 and no sign since. Be good to know if it’s ringed. Photo by Tony W
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Robert Sluka 10 Dec 18
Cool. Do you know where they migrate from? Loads here near Cape Canaveral Florida.
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Welsh Ornithological Society 10 Dec 18
Replying to @BobSluka
This one has more than likely been blown off course and ended up on Anglesea, usually found in America, Europe and Africa although there's two sub species. A great bird!!
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Billy Dykes 10 Dec 18
Beast! If birds did novelty disguises...
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Chris Kelsey 11 Dec 18
Is the gull behind it a Bonaparte's? Bill looks all wrong for Black-headed
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Robin Sandham 11 Dec 18
Looks ok for BHG to me.
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